About Us


The Blue Sun Tea & Herb Co. is a small business with a big heart that provides specialty and organic tea, coffee and herbs from all over the world.  Our love of tea is part of a lifelong journey, and we are pleased to offer a wide spectrum of products to optimize our health, and increase our wellbeing. 

We believe that tea, like other plants, is a gift from nature and a deeply enjoyable part of a healthy lifestyle. We also believe that a cornerstone of health cultivation is  making sure that everything we take in is free from chemical additives and just what nature intended.

Whether it's tea, an herbal formula, a supplement or plain water, we provide organically grown options for those who wish to live free of the chemical bombardment we face today.

We source only the highest quality organic tea, herbs and coffee from partners and growers all over the world while promoting sustainable production practices.

We welcome any inquiries, comments or suggestions. Can't find what you're looking for? Let us know!, we'll find it!