• Oolong Ginseng

5.5 oz loose leaf bag.

  • 150 Gram Organic Taiwan 10 Years Aged Oolong Tea 100% Full Fermented Cooked - Honey coffee flavor, but sugar free. Pure Natural Green Food without addition, organically grown.

Oolong tea is a third major category of tea, in addition to green and black tea, and in many ways falls between them in terms of processing and flavor. Oolong is a semi-oxidized tea, compared to black tea which is fully oxidized and green tea which is un-oxidized, which results in a flavor that is stronger than green tea but milder than black tea.

This particular Chinese tea combines the sweetness of oolong tea with the slight tartness of ginseng. The bitterness that typically accompanies ginseng is not present in this tea, but serves to highlight the sweetness and enhance the aftertaste of the oolong tea.


Loose leaf tea packed in compostable rice paper pouches. 

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Oolong Ginseng

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