• 5 Seed Oil Blend

Andreas Seed Oils 
The Most Potent Raw Seed Oils on Earth 


Every bottle of Andreas Seed Oil is:

- A blend of freshly-harvested USDA certified organic non-GMO seeds , subject to strict quality controls.

Freshly-pressed using proprietary technology that preserves the essential elements of the oils.

- Instantly sealed in new premium light-protective Miron glass bottles , upon pressing.


The world's first seed oils pressed at only 100 degrees. They have zero oxidation and a longer than one-year shelf life at room temperature. Andreas Wecker the inventor of these sacred seed oils had severe candida and Crohn's disease. On a health-building program using his low-temperature pressed zero oxidation coriander and flaxseed oils, he knocked out his candida, and his Crohn's disease went away. He has thriving health again. 

We're honored to now carry these amazing zero oxidation oils. All other "cold-pressed" oils are from 20% to 30% oxidized by the time you consume them.

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5 Seed Oil Blend

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