• Alien Sex in Silicon Valley

ALIEN SEX IN SILICON VALLEY is the story of Alan Burnett, a schizophrenic Southerner working at a Bay Area company, which he believes is run by extraterrestrials. By now investigating corporate culture, Alan expose ever-widening conspiracies of alien infiltration. However, in discovering that the aliens' chief weapon against humanity is story, he realizes that the fate of human freedom lies in distinguishing human values from extraterrestrial machine values. "Alien Sex in Silicon Valley is a strong novel with insightful political views. Very enjoyable!"

John Zerzan Author of Twilight of the Machines, Elements of Refusal, Future Primitive: And Other Essays, and Running On Emptiness: The Pathology of Civilization

"Dave Alber has written a very funny novel about the ways myths underlie daily life. Alien Sex in Silicon Valley shows how myths influence corporate business culture, the public relations industry-even American nationalism. Terrorism and 9-11 are here. Beyond these is the novelist's apparent hope for laughter as one of the most cleansing programs in the human genome."

Dr. William G. Doty Professor & Chair Emeritus, The University of Alabama/Tuscaloosa Author of Mythography: The Study of Myths and Rituals and co-editor of Jacking in to the Matrix Franchise: Cultural Reception and Interpretation

"Reminiscent of both Kurt Vonnegut's Player Piano and Daniel Quinn's Ishmael, Alber's well-crafted fiction exposes us to the perversity and ultimate social insanity of today's dominant culture!"

Doug Brown, Ph. D. Author of Being is Enough and Insatiable Is Not Sustainable

"Alien Sex in Silicon Valley takes the reader into a most remarkable experience! The reader will find herself or himself taken into a story about being taken into a story. Importantly provocative!" David L. Miller, Ph.D. Watson-Ledden Professor of Religion, Emeritus, Syracuse University Author of Three Faces of God, Hells and Holy Ghosts, and Gods and Games.

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Alien Sex in Silicon Valley

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